Sample Schedules

Scheduling is an essential aspect of homeschooling. Having a schedule ensures that your child is engaged in productive activities throughout the day and not wasting time. It also helps you as a parent to manage your time and balance your work and home responsibilities.
When creating a schedule for homeschooling, it is essential to consider your child's age, their learning style, and the subjects you want to cover. It is crucial to strike a balance between academic subjects like math and science and creative subjects like art and music. A well-rounded education includes both.
Some websites to download sample schedules from:
  1. Verywell Family: Discusses how to plan a schedule and offers a sample traditional schedule.
  1. Confessions of a Homeschooler: Provides a real-life example of a daily schedule with insights on how it works.
  1. The Homeschool Mom: Offers numerous sample schedules for different ages and styles.

Helpful Apps

  • Explode The Code: An interactive online platform providing phonics-based reading and literacy resources.
  • Little Fox Phonics: Offers animated videos aimed at improving phonics and reading skills through engaging stories and characters.
  • Starfall Reading: Features a collection of books, videos, and educational games to foster reading and literacy in young learners.
  • Reading Eggs: An engaging online platform designed to support children in learning to read through interactive activities and games.
  • ABCmouse: An early learning academy providing a variety of educational activities covering multiple subjects for younger children.
  • Nessy: Specializes in reading support for kids with dyslexia through fun and engaging games and lessons.
  • Khan Academy Kids: Offers free, fun educational programs for children, covering various subjects beyond reading, beneficial for homeschoolers seeking a broad curriculum.
  • SplashLearn: A math learning platform with interactive games and activities tailored to each child's learning level.
  • Monkey Math: Engages children in math learning through fun and interactive math games and puzzles.
  • Homer: An early learning app that can be incorporated into homeschooling routines to support reading and literacy development.
  • Homeschool Hall: A platform that offers resources and tools for managing and organizing homeschooling activities.
  • Homeschool Planet: An online planner that helps homeschooling families schedule, plan, and organize their educational activities.
  • Syllabird: Provides tools for organizing homeschool curriculum, tracking progress, and planning lessons.
  • Homeschool Tracker: Offers planning and organizing solutions tailored to the unique needs of homeschooling families.
  • Scholaric: A simple and effective homeschool planner and tracker for scheduling lessons and tracking progress.
  • Homeschool Panda: An all-in-one tool for homeschool planning, scheduling, and portfolio management.
  • Homeschool Plus: A management tool designed to help homeschooling families track educational progress and manage schedules.
  • Beehive: A platform that assists in planning and organizing homeschooling lessons and activities.
  • Planboard: While primarily for traditional teachers, this lesson planning tool can be adapted by homeschoolers for organizing daily lessons and curriculum.
Socialization and Community:
  • Meetup: A platform to find local homeschooling groups and events, fostering community and socialization opportunities.
  • The Homeschool Mom: Offers resources, support, and guidance, including ways to connect with other homeschooling families.
  • Homeschool Hall: Besides management, it also serves as a community platform for homeschoolers to connect and share resources.
  • Homeschool Better Together: Focuses on building a supportive community for homeschooling families to share experiences and resources.
DFY (Done For You):
  • Synthesis: Provides project-based learning experiences that promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills, suitable for homeschoolers seeking advanced educational challenges.
  • Prisma: Offers a flexible, interest-driven curriculum that can be a complete homeschooling solution focusing on personalized learning.
  • Alpha: An educational platform that combines personalized learning with adaptive technology, suitable for homeschoolers looking for a tailored curriculum.
  • Khan Academy: Offers a wide range of free courses across various subjects, providing a comprehensive educational resource for homeschoolers.
  • Outschool: Features live online classes on various subjects, allowing homeschoolers to explore interests beyond their core curriculum.

Case Studies

  1. EdTechReview provides an in-depth look at how Indian parents are increasingly considering homeschooling for their children. The article discusses the reasons behind this shift, including concerns about safety in schools and the desire for a more personalized education. It highlights success stories from across the country, showing the potential benefits of homeschooling in the Indian context. This resource can give your readers a comprehensive overview of homeschooling's rise in India and its impact on children's education (EdTechReview).
  1. Leverage Edu offers a detailed examination of homeschooling in India, covering its benefits, the curriculum options available, and the legal framework. The article also addresses the slow yet steady growth of homeschooling in India, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. It discusses the role of Edtech firms in facilitating homeschooling and shares insights from industry experts on the advantages of this educational approach. This resource can provide your readers with a nuanced understanding of homeschooling's practical aspects and its increasing popularity among Indian families (Leverage Edu).
  1. This study from ResearchGate discusses the growth of homeschooling in major Indian cities like Bangalore, Pune, and Mumbai, noting that it is not governed by any governmental department in India. It also contrasts homeschooling with online schooling, highlighting the roles of parents in the former and structured programs in the latter. (Research Gate)

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