Suggested Readings (Chapter 7)

Suggested Readings (Chapter 7)

Daily and Yearly Planning:

  1. The Flexible Homeschool by Pam Sorooshian: Offers practical tips for creating flexible routines and schedules for homeschooling.
  1. Homeschool Hacks: How to Make Homeschooling Easier and More Enjoyable by John and Leah Boden: Shares time-saving and productivity hacks for managing your homeschool day.
  1. Unschooling Unbound: Adventures in Learning & Living by Pam Laricchia: Explores unschooling approaches and how to implement a more flexible, child-led learning style.

Curriculum and Learning Activities

  1. Project-Based Homeschooling: Lessons for All Ages and Subjects by Micki Rosa: Guides incorporating project-based learning into your homeschool program.
  1. Teaching from the Heart: A Child-Centered Approach to Learning by John Caldwell Holt: Advocates for a child-centered curriculum based on individual interests and passions.

Play, Creativity, and Hands-On Learning:

  1. The Genius in Play: How the Power of Play Transforms Early Childhood Learning by Kathleen Stassen Berger: Highlights the importance of play in cognitive development and learning.
  1. Artful Learning: Integrating the Arts into Meaningful Curriculum by David Sousa and Heidi Westmeyer: Shows how to integrate arts into various subjects for engaging learning.
  1. The Maker Mindset: Grow Learners Who Innovate, Invent, and Solve Problems by Julie Bogart and Kim Pace: Encourages hands-on learning through design thinking and maker activities.
  1. 500+ Easy Science Experiments for the Hands-On Learner by Michael Kennedy: Provides engaging and accessible science experiments for homeschoolers.

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